About us

What is the Blue Line Coalition (BLC)


We are a coalition of community organizations  representing the following populations: marginalized communities, the communities of color; immigrants and refugees; people living with disabilities; low income; displaced workers; Aging and transit dependent populations along the Blue Line Corridor.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for communities through-out the Blue-Line transit way.   Building each communities-based power and leverage that power in:

  • Advancing their local & regional equity interest;
  • Strengthening healthy, safe communities;
  • Focusing local investment beyond the Rails;
  • Expanding the collective influence in the regional economies.

The BLC’s Vision

Everyone regardless of race,gender, economic status, ability, or neighborhood in which they live has access to essential ingredients, for environmental , economic, social and cultural well being including: living wages jobs , entrepreneurial opportunities, viable housing choices , public transportation, good school, strong social network, safe and walkable streets, services , parks and access to heathy food.

-adapted from the Corridors of Opportunity Equity Definition